Have you experienced this?

    • Messy break-up?
    • Are you in pain and confused can’t sleep loss of appetite?
    • Feeling urges to spy on them i.e going onto your ex’s fb page?
    • Feeling massively depressed?
    • Is your ex lover ignoring you and your attempts of reconciliation?
    • Financial hardships due to the economy?
    • Have you lost your job and you’ve been trying to find a job and can’t?
    • Are you facing a difficult situation in your life at the moment?
    • Bad luck causing everything to go badly in your life?



There is hope I’ve got good news for you!

Did you know that most relationships can be salvaged?

This may be difficult to believe ,people break up for many reasons……infidelity one person has lost that attraction they once had for their lover,and something I’ve also notice that my clients have spoken to me about are the social media platform i.e facebook they had a major problem with their lover speaking to other men or women on these social media platforms,also financial issues,other outside influences such as other people and the list goes on………….The good news is that help! is at hand all of the reasons I’ve stated are simply LIFE! it happens!

Do you know couples that have gotten back together?

Do you remember why they broke up in the first place?

A lot of the time they have taken their ex lover back after an affair….or even worse with the help of my spells your ex lover will come back and re-light the fire for everlasting love.

Let me tell you: you are definitely not alone. You are in need of some special guidance. Let me help you.

Hello, my name is Happy Happy. I’m a tarot spiritual reader with powers outside the material world.

My one and only task is to help those who are in need, whether they need love, money, or guidance in their day to day lives.

If you need guidance, you don’t need to take it into your own hands; instead, call on the spirits of the world unknown. You don’t need to fight alone.

First, I can tell you one thing: these powerful spirits are REAL and we feel their influence every day. Having them on your side means having powers like that of the kings!

You might not believe in them yet, but after a session with me, you’ll start to see things in a whole different light. Let me make you a promise.

My promise: you will be satisfied with the powers of the spirits.

Please don’t take them lightly. They have not only the power to solve all your problems, but to destroy all that you know. This is where I come in.

With the spirits, I can get your ex back. I can find you new love. I can make fortune rain down upon your life. All you have to do is trust in me.

What my spells can do for you:

      • Make your ex come running back to you
      • Find you the love you have always wanted
      • Improve your financial position in life
      • Mend a failing marriage
      • Bring your ex back with strong love spells
      • Recapture the romance you had when your love was new
      • Bring you the good luck that has made other people happy, healthy and wealthy

Here are some of the amazing and powerful results from the aid of the spirits reuniting  lovers from all over the world!

As required by law: Individual results may vary.  Our testimonials are from actual satisfied customers, and are representative of the majority of our customers’ experiences in using our services and products, however each case is individual and different, as such results may vary from customer to customer.

Spells I’m Specialized In:


Stop a lover from cheating spell.

Keep interfering ex’s away spell.

Keep a lover faithful spells.

Return an ex lover love spells.

Fast acting love spell to bring an back.

Come to me love spells.

Sex and lust spells.

Reconciliation love spells.

Honey jar spells.

Custom love spells.

New love spells.

Love spell kits.



Customized money spells.

Money bottle spells.

Money ritual spells.

Pay me my money spells.

Find a job spells.

Prosperity money spells.

Money bath spells.

Money spell kits.


House/apartment blessings spells.

Business blessings and cleansing spells.

Road opener obstacle clearing your path spells.

Attract more customers to your business spells.

Stop work colleagues and your boss from giving you problems at work

Get a promotion at work spells

Protection spells.

and much more……………….

If you have a particular situation and you don’t see it listed I’m happy to discuss this with you in a consultation.

Love Rose

Are you ready to change your life?

Then lets set up a time to talk and let me assist you in making your future the most successful possible. I am here to help,I am capable in my abilities to make a difference in your life!,Spiritualist and Hoodoo worker here to help you with all of your life problems and questions.

About My Readings.

Have you lost your mate? Are you in anguish or pain? I have a love lost, return ritual, that is helping many of my clients. The strongest energies are from feelings of love. I am ready to help you using different techniques.Come and retrieve or find new love.  I am well versed, and I specialize in relationships. I am a gifted, ancient Egyptian Tarot card reader, clairvoyant and more. High finance predictions, character analysis in potential mates, love rituals, and any other questions or need you may have, I will do my best in all areas. I am great at navigating difficult situations, and orienting and clarifying the path for others. I have been trained in the ancient rituals of magic and remote viewing and spiritual healing, and can contact the dearly departed. If you have questions on your future or need my advice, you just have to request a private reading. Please feel free to do this anytime ,Let’s solve your problems immediately. You deserve to have a clear view about your destiny. Ask me now!

Tarot Card Spread for Love and Relationships

The tarot card reading is a great way to gain insight on your love life and lets face it most people are curious to know what is going to happen there! The tarot card reading for some may be their life line and the link between the tarot and their personal lives is often uncannily accurate.

The tarot card reading can offer a third party observation of your particular situation. You may not be in a relationship and would like the tarot to give you guidance on what is coming up for you in the future. You may also receive guidance on any particular patterns of behaviour or situations which stand in the way of a potential relationship. 

There is a great spread for those who are in a relationship and this consists of seven cards that look at the relationship in action. These are placed in various positions that can give you insight into different aspects of the relationship.

The first card relates to its energy and you may find out that your relationship seems to be balanced or you may discover some tweaking is needed to find harmony. The second card relates to the way you communicate with each other and you may decide you need to be more open and honest in your communication.

The third card measures the strength of the relationship and it identifies areas that could really make the relationship stronger, perhaps, more imagination and creativity is required. The fourth card looks at areas of weakness such as power struggles, communication difficulties, external influences.

The fifth card gives you a realistic overview of its chances of success and will look at the circumstances surrounding the relationship. The sixth card looks at the passion within the relationship and you may discover something about the chemistry between you. The final card gives you the key to the future and will advise you what you need to do to ensure its success.

You should remember that when you have a tarot card reading that you have ‘free will’ to change anything that you see in a reading. If the tarot card reading reveals that a relationship is not realistic and there are a lot of weaknesses and looks likely to fail, then you have the chance to turn this around.

A psychic tarot card reading is really insight into your situation and your future as it stands at that particular moment in time. You have the power of your will to change anything that you discover in a reading if you are strong willed and determined. There are some things that are pre determined in your destiny and you would have to leave it to fate to determine the outcome.

Here are some examples of the kind of questions you could ask about your love life:

New Love – when will I find love?

I believe that everything happens for a reason and that there everyone has a soul mate – you may have difficulty finding that special someone who can make that perfect connection with you.  This reading can stimulate your inner psyche so that you can release the blocks to finding your next love. I can also tell you of other love related connections you may make before true love finally finds its way to you.

MY Relationship – where is it going?

I can ask the Cards to bring me insight into how things are going in your relationship, you may be heading for marriage, perhaps you are having difficulties in a relationship, or feel you need a review of your situation.  Whatever your situation the cards have an uncannily accurate way of predicting what is going on in your mind and that of your partners.  I can do a spread to bring you clarity and understanding so that you can make choices about your future. 

Broken Relationship – want to get back on track?

A broken relationship can hold your life in a state of limbo and sometimes this can go on for years.  If you don’t want to waste your life hanging around your past then this is the reading for you.  This reading could give you the ‘kick-start’ that you need to move your life forwards.  I can ask the cards to point you in the right direction and I can find out from the cards the following information.

Whether you are likely to get back together and if so when this could be, who will initiate this and will it work again.  If you are not likely to get back together I can tell you why and what else is coming up for you in the future.  I will also send you a ‘letting-go’ ceremony to assist you to move on.

Will we get together? 

Is here someone you fancy? Would you like to know how they feel about you? I can ask the cards to show me where you feature in this person’s mind. I will be honest and tell you if I don’t think you are going anywhere with this person, in which case I will tell you about anyone else coming up for you.


Would you like to know more about yours or your partners personality? this could help you decide whether you are on the right career line.  You could find out whether you would be compatible with a certain person you have your eye on. 

You can understand yourself better and gain insight about the people and situations you attract to you.  You will be told what your life purpose is all about and what your spirit guides would like for you to have more spiritual meaning in your life



This is an Email Reading where I could give you a physical description of your Guardian Angel, and tell you about his/her guidance, and why they have been chosen for you, and how they are trying to guide you, and how you can connect with them


This is an Email Reading with advice from an experienced Psychic about how to develop your Spiritual and Psychic Ability, you will also receive guidance from your guides to help with your connection with them.  You can find out how to protect yourself from negative energies, how to attract good energy and how to develop yourself. 


This is an Email Reading with personal messages from your spirit guide.  I can tune in and ask your guide to bring you words of wisdom for your situation.  They could give you insight about the challenges you face now and in the future and how to approach your situations.  They give guidance on how to tune into them and receive messages directly so that you can follow their guidance. 


This is an Email Reading specifically for the year ahead you can find out what is coming up, what to avoid, what you can look forwards to and anything to be aware of.  You will be told about friendships, family changes, career, money and of course your love life, there will be a special message channeled direct from your Spirit Guide. 


This is an Email Reading using Tarot Cards to map out your life path and direction in life, I can see by each card what is happening around you now, what you should do, and what is coming up, and generally where your life is heading. 


This is an Email Reading where I could give you a physical description of your Spirit Guide, and tell you about his/her guidance, and why they have been chosen for you, and how they are trying to guide you, and how you can connect with them


This is an Email Reading where you specify your area of concern, tell your story, and I will call in my guides for a closer look at your situation.

Note: when you have booked your consultation and made a payment, please contact me to schedule your consultation/reading.

Refunds will not be given for any spiritual work/prayers completed as time, energy and spiritual supplies have already been utilized. No exceptions. We make no claims.

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